The community of teachers and staff at GCS are intentional with each child, building them on a firm Christian foundation, helping children grow by developing fundamental skills, and enjoying academics and play. I’d like to say thank you to the teachers, for all the time you’ve put into creating a full scheduled day with activities and things to learn, and to the staff for all the behind the scene work going into the day. I wouldn’t be majoring in education if I wasn’t influenced by such a simply wonderful school, much love and encouragement.
— Madeline B., alumni
I want to let you know how happy Josh and I are with GCS and how much we love the community of children and teachers there. Parents told me it was a special place at the beginning of the school year and every time I’m there I see more and more why. There are so many things we love; the message of God’s love and reminders of living the way we’re taught in the Bible, praying for one another every day, the kids being all together mixed grades, and what I noticed today, respect and kindness from the older students, especially, is a testament of how GCS has helped shape their character. Knowing the kind of environment AJ is in when he is away from home brings me peace.
— Tanya W. (following Field Day)
I have been extremely pleased with the education my three children received at GCS. My older two girls are well grounded in the faith, have served on mission trips through our church since graduating from Grace, and continue strong in their faith. I started my youngest child at a Christian school closer to my home. But the teachers there were not equipped to deal with her learning challenges. GCS offers excellent teachers with experience, flexibility and skill dealing with challenging students, as well as learning support classes.
— Mary Lynne B.
When our first son was entering kindergarten we decided to try Grace Christian School because we had heard good things about it and found it to be more affordable than other schools. We realized very quickly that we had found a special place complete with a high quality academics, kind and highly qualified teachers, and a loving Christian community that is beyond compare. It feels good to send our children each day to such a fine place where their world view is shaped toward Christ.
— Jarrod & Rebecca M.
This school has been my “family” for nine years while my two children have attended. There is so much opportunity for a parent to get involved and feel like you are making a difference in the lives of not only your own kids, but all the kids in the whole school. It’s been so much fun planning their parties, organizing their fundraisers, preparing their hot lunches and watching them play at recess. I have met many other parents who are now my friends. Thank you all for a wonderful experience!
— Pam S., Alumni Parent
I went to GCS from K-6 grade and I couldn’t have imagined a better place to spend my first seven years of school. As a kid going to Grace, there isn’t a better way to make such happy memories! Looking back, I wish I could have appreciated my experiences more, but I am so thankful for all of the wonderful times I had and all the friends I gained along the way. The school has helped me grow stronger in faith and education. I recommend this school to everyone!!!
— Cheyenne K.
I love a lot of things about Grace Christian School. I especially like my friends in this school. I’m happy that I have good friends in Grace that love me and trust me and listen to me. I love that the teachers here always believe me and how they’re so nice and happy. It’s awesome that the teachers always have good lessons to teach us. I love learning about God and how great he is!
— Andrew K.
What do you enjoy most about going to school at Grace?

”...all of the teachers...that they are patient.”
— Shannon C.

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