Field Day!

So much FUN!! Praise the Lord for good weather, friendly competition and smiles all around. Thank you, Mrs. Saunders, for all your hard work planning this day and to all the parents and grandparents that came out to help and cheer!! 

After spending time with us today, one parent shared with us her reflection from the day, "I want to let you know how happy Josh and I are with GCS and how much we love the community of children and teachers there. Parents told me it was a special place at the beginning of the school year and every time I’m there I see more and more why. There are so many things we love; the message of God’s love and reminders of living the way we’re taught in the Bible, praying for one another every day, the kids being all together mixed grades, and what I noticed today, respect and kindness from the older students, especially, is a testament of how GCS has helped shape their character. Knowing the kind of environment AJ is in when he is away from home brings me peace."